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Why Build With Sterling Homes

We'd be smarter to say "why not?"

When it comes to selecting the right builder, there are tons of reasons to choose Sterling Homes in New Hampshire. However, don’t just take our word...  see & learn for yourself!

Sterling Energy Efficient

You’ll have to SEE it to believe it! Sterling Energy Efficient homes will meet or exceed building requirements and that’s a commitment we take seriously. Whether it’s using air stopping foam between drafty cracks, windows and doors, a higher rated insulation in walls or by seeking out ways to always improve ….like adding Geothermal to some of our neighborhoods standard …..our customers are the ones that truly benefit.  And by benefit, we mean you’ll enjoy homes that exceed New Hampshire codes by 20%! (Your wallet will thank us too!) Come SEE why Sterling builds better!

Green Building

It’s not just a choice…it’s a responsibility. From selecting from local vendors and limiting the chemical composition of the materials in our homes to responsible smart growth developing parameters that often protect up to three times the land area we use in a development, we believe we owe it to our world to be the most responsible builders in our market.

Sterling Standards

Throughout our homes you’ll often find the Sterling logo highlighting an included feature. We call these Sterling Standards and they are features that each home we build comes equipped with. They’re often selections that other builders still call options but we’ve decided that every one of our customers should enjoy them as much as we do – so we include them in all our homes!

Our Story

Take some time to get to know us and you’ll find that we take as much  pride in our homes and neighborhoods as the people that live in them. It’s truly our passion and you’ll often find one of our companies founders right on sites talking with past and future customers. It’s not what we do but rather who we are that makes the difference!

Happy Homeowners

There no better measure of success for us than seeing a smile on our customers faces when they first see their home at their orientation before closing. It’s usually the first time the hardwood shines & the faucets sparkle and we live for the reaction when our customers first see their selections all come together. Take a peek at what our customers have to say about us!

Talk about Town

We live to be part of the communities and Town’s we work in so you’ll often find us working to make them better places while we build our neighborhoods in them. From fundraising for new playground equipment to insuring that wooded forests remain open to the public and left undeveloped, Sterling Homes has a company philosophy that has us strive to leave a community better than when we entered it. Check back often to find out more!