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Sterling Warranty 

Happiness comes from peace of mind... and peace of mind among new homeowners' comes with warranty protection.

Perhaps the best benefit of buying a new home is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your purchase is protected by new home warranty. And with several scheduled contacts and a streamlined warranty process, Sterling Homes maximizes that assurance which this peace of mind brings. Take a look at how we stand by our homes during their warranty with us…

Homeowner Education – 

Often times the best way to help our customers with their new home is by helping them understand how to take care of it and what to expect from their home. From the time you decide to buy a new home with us we start to help. During the selections process we share our experiences with the natural characteristics of the materials you are selecting and start sharing some of the care instructions needed for each choice.

Home Orientation Walk Through –

Before your closing settlement a member of our team walks through the home with each buyer. During this homeowner orientation we’ll show both how to care for your home as well as how to use it. From changing air filters and getting the best shine from the new hardwood floors, we take you step by step on how to handle some of the common questions that come up with owning a new home.

Quality Assurance –

Our team works hard to be sure your new home is everything you expected it to be. Prior to the Home Orientation a Sterling Homes manager personally walks the home to identify any items that need additional attention. These items are sent directly to our sites foreman to be addressed. And if they are not able to be completed prior to your settlement, a written We Owe list is provided along with a schedule for their completion.

60 Day Visit –

We like hearing from our customers and ask that they touch bases with us at a few critical times of their ownership. The first of these is the 60 day list. As part of your Home Orientation we pass along a form to help you track any items that require warranty attention. It helps to keep them all on one list to maximize our visits to your home. History has shown us that over the first 60 days of homeownership that our customers notice fine tuning adjustments needed to their home. This visit allows us to address these items in one convenient visit…just fax or email the list and our service representative will be in touch to schedule a visit. It’s that easy…

11 Month Visit –

After having had an entire year to cycle through heating and cooling and before expiration of the one year warranty we ask to hear form our customers again. This list is a good opportunity to bring us each onto the same page and insure that any deficiencies that have been noted are addressed before the end of warranty coverage. It’s also helpful because by this visit any of the natural changes in humidity that come from our changing seasons have been and gone so owners are able to have a thorough understanding of their home. Again, just a simple note or fax grabs our attention and schedules a visit from our service department…

Ongoing relationships –

Our customers are valuable to us. Some of the value of buying a Sterling Home comes from knowing that we’ll still be here tomorrow…and the day after that and the year after that. Our customers have found that we always have an open ear for questions, directions or advice. All you have to do is ask!