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Green Building Practices

You'll find our green philosophy holds water.

Green Building is a trendy phrase growing in popularity these days, unfortunately it seems the more widespread it grows the more watered down and diluted it becomes. Sterling Homes is the exception... when it comes to building sustainable efficient new homes in eco friendly communities our "green" philosophies hold water.

1. Home and development placement on a tract of land.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to develop neighborhoods and homes to be sure they stay in harmony with their surroundings and our track record speaks for itself. While the infrastructure that we need to build is always minimized and professionally designed to be certain it has as small an impact as possible, the real care comes from the overall build out of a neighborhood. Prior to starting any new community, a principle of Sterling Homes personally spends several hours walking the site. We flag individual trees that are to be saved and begin to site each home in our minds to make the most of it’s natural surroundings. Not only is this the right thing to do, we find people like trees and the wooded and private yards they help create!

2. Our designs maximize energy efficiency and our construction helps homes live for less.

We have committed to building every home we build to a higher standard of building. This insure a Sterling Home is built with cutting edge building sciences that help it use less energy and leave less of a carbon footprint than other homes you may look at. We do it because it matters.

3. Our homes conserve water.

Every home we build uses fixtures that help reduce water flow while still performing beyond expectations. Low flow toilets help reduce the water consumed on each flush. Variable speed well pumps only take the water your home calls for from the ground. And development pollution controls remove toxins from surface waters before they reenter sensitive wetlands or groundwater.

4. A Sterling Homes home is loaded with renewable material resources.

We hand select each vendor and product we use to be sure they’re responsible stewards of our world. From Forest Stewardship Council inspected woods to locally supplied plants and landscaping, you can feel good about the materials used to build your new home.

5. Indoor air quality and environments matter.

Your family lives and sleeps in your home each day. Doesn’t’ it only make sense that the air they breath is clean and high quality? Our HVAC systems use high quality whole house air filters. Our carpets have a lowered VOC content. And our paints have reduced chemical content. This all results in an inside that breathes as fresh as new home should!

6. Land preservation through development. 

Did you know that a well thought out development approach can actually preserve more land than it uses? Just look at our track record. Long Meadow Preserve protected 130 acres of forested woodlands from development and protected the public’s access to this space forever into the future.

Blackbriar Woods, which is slated to come on line in 2011, utilizes only 13 or nearly 150 acres for it’s development area and protects over 1700 feet of Black Brook frontage buffers with a conservation easement. It’s called smart growth land planning and is our preferred development choice in any Town that has it available.