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Sterling Homes in the Community

Being the "talk about town" can be a good thing!

During the process of building new neighborhoods we become vested in the greater communities in which we work.  A true testament of to our efforts being successful comes when the greater community is better than the way we found it. Here’s some clips of what our team has done…

Sterling Homes protects the headwaters of local Cohas Brook

Local homebuilder Sterling Homes has chosen to protect 141 acres of valuable forestlands that encompass the watersheds and tributaries that form the Cohas Brook in perpituity. In a donated easement to the Rockingham County Conservation District, Sterling Homes has insured that the land that has been enjoyed for generations in Town remains open to the public and for generations to come.

“This was a unique opportunity for us to work in concert with local land use and conservation boards and apply input to a neighborhood that defines Smart Growth initiatives being modeled elsewhere in our State and we’re extremely proud of the outcome. What a tremendous benefit to the public when a development opens private land to public access in such a unique environment as Long Meadow Preserve!” stated Keith Martel, President of Sterling Homes.

The best part of Blackbriar Woods is the part you CAN'T live in!

That's right – Sterling Homes did it again! With over 1700 feet of frontage on Black Brook, we've protected over 120 acres of open space and donated this land to the Piscataquoge Land Conservancy. As part of our donation, the general public is welcomed onto the miles of trials and acres of beautiful forests to explore. Parking has been created at the entrance of the Blackbriar neighborhood.

 This donation was of particular importance as it pushed the efforts of Piscataquoge's protected area to over 5000 aces! We're pleased to have been a part of this stewardship and congratulate PLC on their tireless efforts to better our communities.

Black Brook River shores makes a friend with local developer

Goffstown’s Black Brook River can breath a sigh of relief after learning more about Sterling Homes application to develop 146 acres of land between the Black Brook and Montelona Road. Development plans call for the use of just 13 of the total acres and the developer has voiced a willingness to support a donation of the remainder parcel to an entity that would allow the public open use of the picturesque land.

Sterling Homes President Keith Martel states, “ We explored the development potential for this piece with an eye towards a win-win goal with the local land use boards and came up with a very low impact development scenario that would leave a large, unfragmented block of land left that ran for nearly 1700 feet along Black Brook. The protected portion of the site overlooks a neighboring pond and was rumored to be the site of a historic saw mill…just an area that warranted the extra effort to protect.”

With the cooperation of the Piscataquog Land Conservancy, Sterling Homes remained persistent to see this area protected forever and, after a lengthy process, we're pleased to annonce that the land has been officially donated to the PLC and is now open for public use and enjoyment forever! This was an important milestoen as the donation brought PLC's protected are to over 5,000 acres! Our thanks and congratualtions go out to them!